Who We Are

The HJ&P Group is a private investment company dedicated to investing capital toward a common purpose- the flourishing of individuals, organizations and communities.

A flourishing life, going back to ancient Greek and Hebrew cultures, is composed of goodness, truth, beauty, justice and plenty. A thought leader in the business world, Don Flow, has translated these concepts into five forms of capital: Goodness being Social Capital; Truth being Intellectual Capital; Beauty being Aesthetic Capital; Justice being Political Capital; Plenty being Economic Capital.

HJ&P exists in order to encourage the overlapping of these five forms of capital by identifying and investing in people who share a passion for and are gifted in creating tangible expressions of goodness, truth, beauty, justice and plenty.

What We Do

HJ&P Group invests its time in the following ways:

  • Identifying small businesses to purchase and operate
  • Identifying entrepreneurs in need of seed capital
  • Identifying existing organizations in need of capital
  • Cultivating our portfolio of investments

HJ&P does business upon a foundation of trust. Trust between all parties is the first criteria before we move forward on any opportunity.

Contact Us

Scott F. Wade, President